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Survive This!


The Life You’ve Chosen
Epitaph Records 

We all make mistakes. It’s all part of learning and growing. The Life You’ve Chosen is one huge mistake, and if Survive This! want to survive as a band, they’re going to need to forget this LP and start fresh.
Their first poor decision was becoming the protégé band of Falling In Reverse singer, Ronnie Radke, who hasn’t done anything positive for the music industry since his departure from Escape The Fate in 2008. Radke’s influence as a producer of the album is evident through its predictable rhythms, unimaginative riffs and inexcusable themes.

The final nail-in-the-coffin is Pardon Me, which features lyrics that promote violence against women such as, ‘Just wait ‘til I get my hands on you. Bleed bitch bleed’. As musicians you have a social influence and impact – there is no place for this filth in the music industry and Survive This! should be ashamed. Start fresh or stop trying.


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