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Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood

1000 Palms

Florida four-piece, Surfer Blood, stormed onto the scene with a debut that was a perfect exponent of mixing sunny Californian melodies with the slacker sound. After being loaded with the ‘next likely to’ tag, they signed to a major label, got into the headlines over domestic disputes and their career stalled. Now back in the more comfortable pastures of an indie label, Surfer Blood reboot with 1000 Palms.
There is still a healthy reliance on guitar as the band stick with the formula that they know best. They tick all the right boxes as they mix harmony that a Wilson would be happy with and guitars that jut out at all the right angles on Sabre-Tooth And Bone.
The band embrace the return to a more DIY approach without the watchful eye of the bean counters cast over them. There are moments that are chaotic and John Paul Pitts is more introspective than ever, making this an interesting listen that is not as bright or carefree as their debut.
On a sour note, guitarist Thomas Fekete has left the band after recording, 1000 Palms due to cancer having spread to his lungs and spine. Hopefully the laying of hands and 1000 Palms will bring peace and healing, while his band Surfer Blood are back with gusto.

3.5 stars

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