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SUPEREGO @ Freo.Social gets 9/10

Superego @ Freo Social

w/ Butter, Jamilla
Saturday, April 6, 2019



Jamilla has taken a break from the stage for a few months and has left a noticeable gap in the local music scene. But fret no more, she is back with an almighty BANG and exceeded expectations on Saturday night. Jamilla’s new set is full of heart, passion, story, growth and bad bitch energy. She bleeds on the stage but paints herself red and becomes your queen all at once.

She has accomplished the amazing and not particularly easy achievement of making art out of her beautiful, and sometimes painful, growth. And it’s something that needs to be happening in the scene, her set is something everyone can take away from. If you go see her play, which i highly recommend you do, you will be guaranteed these things…

She is humble and speaks to the audience like a close friend she hasn’t seen in ages. She sings from the bottom of her heart and bellows out notes that make your arm hairs stand up. She plays the guitar like the killer queen she is and when she fires up her beats, it is a TOTAL vibe. She touches on issues and topics that are so relevant, relatable and real.

She has quickly become an icon of our local scene, displaying power and creativity for musicians (and women) in all areas. You need to soak up some Jamilla sometime, but you will have to wait until she is back from her badass 17 show national tour (part of it being with Tijuana Cartel!)


Butter rolled out into their places as the lights went low and the crowd immediately hyped up. As the opening beat came in and the lighting returned to the stage it reflected off the brass section and bodies started to move. The front section of the crowd were the Butter family aka regulars at Butter shows, singing their lyrics and bonding over their mutual appreciation. A Butter show always guarantees smiles, grooving and mutually whipping to look at each other like “WHAAAAAAT” with heart eyes, and it was so pleasing to see it reach all corners of the room. So damn good.

At this particular show the brass section really stepped it up. They were all so on point and the solos were so impressive, everyone there displayed obvious admiration for their highlighted moments. In fact, all the band members were exceeding at their talents at this show. From sick drum fills to cheeky bass lines and entrancing key solos, they killed it just that bit more in every area. Butter are always having fun, no matter what the setting – this was one of their bigger gigs and still they had laughs, hyped each other on their performance, had a dance and just kept it super laid back but sophisticated and tight the same time.

Butter have obvious influence from Superego but they make their sound entirely their own, and it was cool as to see them on this particular line-up. The set ended with the lead singer introducing the last song by doing a shoe-y handed to him from a crowd member, which was an unexpected but you know what… bold move. Butter are a must see, full of surprises, fun, TALENT and major vibes.


There was a lot of hype around Superego coming back after a while and with a fresh set. Rightly so, but nobody could have predicted such an electric outcome. The psychedelic hip hop, grime rock name are back with a POW (pun intended). There were so many elements to the new set and they all set the room on fire. I think the element that always moves me in many ways and stands out, is the way frontman Nelson Mondlane moves on stage. The music moves through him, pumping through his veins and bringing him to life. He is a captivating vision that demands your attention. A very noteworthy part of the set was during the performance of Ston Gon (a track by the guitarist’s solo project, Faoul Duke), when Nelson appeared in a black and red mask and a black jumper with the hood on. He morphed into some sort of creature almost. He then continued to contort and animate himself around the stage in such a way you just don’t see anywhere else in the Perth scene. He owned you in these moments and it was fucking dynamite.

The band were absolute fire and the features during the show added so much excitement and love. One inclusion being Nelson’s brother, which was a beautiful thing. The new lyrics were so articulate and each person delivering them did so with complete power and ease. Also, I have to mention the drummer singing that smooth, soulful tone while tearing up that kit with such style. Woah.

Their new set was without fail. They were always unreal but they just pushed the bar even higher. I know many local musicians who are inspired and empowered by Superego and it’s absolutely understandable. They are so clearly respectable people, opening the show with an acknowledgement of Aboriginal land and closing by making it clear that their shows are a safe space with emphasis on respecting and loving one another. Which is something that should be happening at every show.

If you haven’t seen Superego you’re missing out on a hectic experience and a huge chunk of the local music scene.


Photos by Adrian Thomson

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