SUMMER FITNESS Getting Ripped For The Sultry Season

Glen Austin
Glen Austin

Summer is traditionally the time when we all want to look our best. But getting off the couch and into the game can be a daunting, so we checked in with Glen Austin, boxer, MMA fighter and co-owner of Anarchy Training Centre, to find out his tips for getting a move on.

“Start by pounding the pavement four-to-five days per week, or if you’re already a gym-goer, do it straight after a session, when the body has run out fuel from food and has to mobilise fatty acids for energy

“Cut down your portion sizes. You might be shocked to know most people eat too much, even the healthy eaters.

“Start drinking heaps of water, your brain can’t tell the difference between liquid and solid food, so you’ll feel full, ensuring you don’t raid the fundraising choccies for afternoon tea.

“If you want a defined six-pack, you don’t need to do thousands of sit-ups. The key is to burn off that stubborn layer of belly fat that’s hiding them, and that all comes from a healthy diet, good fats like nuts and avocado, and lots of cardio.

“You may not want to hear this, but avoid drinking alcohol. If you have to, a couple of cheeky glasses of red wine but definitely try and avoid a big session… that’s what the festivals are for!

“And lastly, come see us at Anarchy Training Centre and really get that heart rate rising and number on the bathroom scales dropping.”

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