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SUITS (S9) gets 7.5/10 Finale neatly hangs up the suit

Created by Aaron Korsh
Starring Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Amanda Schull, Dulé Hill, Katherine Heigl
Network: Netflix


The nine-year culmination of this fan-favourite American legal drama comes together in a neat 10-episode season. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, firstly, what’ve you been doing? Secondly, the prime plot between season one to seven revolved around Mike Ross becoming Harvey Specter’s (Gabriel Macht) protégée (despite having no law school qualifications); which ensues witty repartee between the leads and series regulars, whilst continuously dodging discovery and digging themselves deeper – only for Specter to whip out a smoking gun. With Meghan Markle’s departure – a royal decision – Katherine Heigl was introduced to simultaneously replace Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and provide a mirror character for Specter. Once again, we butt heads left and right, as the characters dig deep and cross a few legal lines.

Throughout the seasons this has been the major draw card. Specter is a problematic character, but deep down is Byronic – an antihero. Sometimes this means he’s fuelled by self-interest, because he has an issue with authority, whilst always making the hard decisions from the heart – for his blood and work family. Throughout its run, Suits has been nominated for several awards, with Gina Torres and Adams receiving individual praise.

In this season the team at Specter Litt (forgive that I don’t continue writing the other three names their firm has, or the various changes it has undergone since season one) are faced with another obstacle as they try and return to business as usual. A spanner is thrown in to the already frazzled firm, when Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) appears as Special Master – a role appointed by the Bar Association to supervise and review the firm due to its history of shady practices. Despite at times being overly wordy, and dialogue involving a lot of bravado punctuated with legal jargon, Suits stimulates audiences with high impact drama, to slow burn and intricate relationships between its characters – all of which are tied up and completed by the end of this finale season and feature special guest star Patrick J. Adams reprising his role as Mike Ross.

Suits has delivered time and again. Season nine holds true to strong character development, dialogue, and relationships – a trait most shows lose after the third season. Suits has since been remade as both a Korean and Japanese television show – and even spawned a spin-off series following Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson (which has since concluded).

With the ending portraying a firm poised to continue, it would be (perhaps hopeful fan) speculation that another series might be on the horizon – but for now, suit up, sit back, and watch the entire collection on Netflix.


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