SUBI COFFEE SERIES Shot through the heart

bustling café scene will get an extra shot of excitement with the truly buzz-worthy Subi Coffee Series, running from Monday, August 10 to Sunday, August 16. Local coffee shops and bars will round up a selection of their best coffee experiences, with events such as a coffee cocktail takeover, a coffee-themed dessert walking tour, coffee with a side of cat cuddles, and high coffee to keep the caffeine levels of Subi high.

The Subi Coffee Series is an initiative of See Subiaco, who have teamed up with the organisers of the much loved South West winter event Cabin Fever Festival, Ahoy Management, to bring coffee lovers a week-long series of events. Locals and visitors are invited to reacquaint themselves with Subiaco and indulge in a range of caffeinated experiences at some of Perth’s best coffee houses, such as Blacklist Coffee Roasters.

Htet Myint Aung, Business Development Manager for Blacklist Coffee Roasters said, “We cannot wait to be part of the Subi Coffee Series! What an amazing opportunity for us to showcase what we do here at our Subi Concept Store, as well as do something a little unusual by creating a range of unique coffee cocktails at our pop up event.”

The Subi Coffee Series will run from Monday, August 10 to Sunday, August 16. Click here for more info.