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Midi Skirt
Midi Skirt

Why not pay fashion props to some of the years most popular looks on December 31? Go out with a bang, and take one of 2014’s top trends for a last lap around the block.


Are those your undies, or are you just happy to see me? The underwear-as-outwear look peaked in 2014. For inspiration, well, there are too many music videos to list. Everybody wanted to shake it in briefs this year. Sheer lace on top proved a popular way to transform the style into a (slightly) more subtle statement. See-through skirts and dresses worn with a well-chosen pair of pants (remember, glamorous versions of high cut granny knickers, people) could make for a saucy New Years Eve ensemble.

The Midi skirt sat at the far end of the fashion spectrum from the barely-there underwear trend. Mid-length skirts were quite glam in 2014, often flared, full fabric indulgences. Whatever the colour or print, length was more the focal point. If there’s a bold skirt buried in the back of your wardrobe that involves channelling a flower (in the best possible way), dig it out, and consider looking bloomin’ lovely again this New Years Eve.

Remember how excited some people got about Normcore? Which seemed to be mostly about looking, um, kind of dull? If the whole New Years Eve fashion challenge is proving too much, throw on nondescript pieces in monotone shades from the back of your wardrobe (or your parents’), call it a tribute to Normcore 2014, and boring styling will be awarded an instant upgrade, becoming the physical embodiment of fashion’s recent introspective phase. Tre deep, considering you’re partying in trackie pants.

Shorts and jeans got a lift in 2014, with high waisted denim filling Instagram feeds. Ironically, while waistlines took off for the heavens (or more accurately, the edge of ribs on the vertically challenged), the bottom of some shorts barely made it over butt cheeks. Wherever they ended, tight or with a touch of flare, this trend was all about the waist. If high waisted jeans or shorts have been faithful fashion companions this year and you’re not ready to break up, take them along into 2015.

Ah, the Wob. Great for Aussie weather, the wavy bob proved perfect for West Australian beach lovers. The look also suited those who couldn’t face the heat of a blow dry/hair straightening experience on hot days. If your New Years Eve celebrations are bound to get a little adventurous, maybe try a wild wob to finish out the year in a gorgeous, messy way (just to be clear, we’re only talking about hair here).

The bold lip was big this year. While a cherry kiss will always be “in,” 2014 also saw a tangerine tantrum take place on mouths. Bold, on trend, and super stylish, just right shades of orange were spotted on the runway and red carpet to pretty fantastic effect. Forget coral disasters of the past; these new interpretations work. Be inspired by 2014’s It Girls and give apricot kisses a whirl on New Years Eve.









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