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STRUNG OUT Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in full

Time to get rid of your Wasteland Blues, Strung Out are hitting Perth at Hell Hole on Saturday, July 7 to play their sophomore album, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in full.

The band will also be playing at Prince Of Wales on Thursday, July 5 and Northshore Tavern on Friday, July 6. 

Exploding onto the southern California punk scene, Strung Out were one of the first bands signed to NOFX leader Fat Mike’s Fat Wreck Chords, issuing their debut album in 1994, but it is their 1996 sophomore that is the most celebrated.

Fans can expect to hear Firecracker, Somnombulance, Bring Out Your Dead, Solitaire and Wrong Side of the Tracks from the album, as well as other hits such as Analog, Calling, Blueprint Of The Fall, Ashes and Matchbox.

Strung Out play Prince Of Wales in Bunbury on Thursday, July 5, Northshore Tavern on Friday, July 6 and Hell Hole on Saturday, July 7. Tickets on sale now. 

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