STRUNG OUT @ Hell Hole gets 9/10

Strung Out play Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues @ Hell Hole
w/ Dan Cribb & The Isolated, Freak Vibe
July 7, 2018


American punk rock legends Strung Out wrapped up their massive Australian tour last Saturday night performing their popular sophomore album, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in its entirety at the increasingly popular Hell Hole. What can only be described as the perfect venue for Strung Out’s personality, Hell Hole pays homage to all things Skate Punk, from mounted skateboard decks, to plenty of the good stuff in Emu Export and PBR’s, as well as a purpose built Bowl. Hell Hole bleeds punk and if you do so yourself, heading on down to a gig at the venue is a must.

Opening the night were locals Freak Vibe, having recently played with the likes of Barebones at this year’s Soggyfest. The guys have helped establish a recent rise in WA punk festivals including Punktoberfest. Belting out a hard and fast setlist, Take It Easy and Start a Band were well received from punters, singing along and setting the mood for a night of Punk fuelled vibes.

Following Freak Vibe, were local favourites Dan Cribb & The Isolated. Receiving an imposing reception form punters, the always entertaining three-piece fronted by Cribb is known for his exceptional song writing and energetic 90s-infused pop punk. They engaged punters throughout their set, sure to promote the band’s launch of their single Run Away at the venue when they headline One Hell of a Punk Rock Show on July 21.

With Emu Export flowing and plenty of flannel shirts and caps bopping around the place, Strung Out wasted no time ripping into their hard-hitting track Firecracker. There was crowd surfers, moshing and for good measure a few beers hurled in the air before the song had even reached half way. It was certainly a Hell Hole, but in the best way possible as punters let out plenty of angst and replicated all the good stuff that is the skate punk stereotype. Better Days followed shortly after by Solitaire made an already pumping crowd rowdier as Strung Out tore through Monster, Radio Suicide and Six Feet.

Frontman Jason Cruz continued to rev up the frantic crowd with plenty of, “let’s go mother fuckers!” throughout Speed Ball, with the bar hit for plenty of Emu Export to hydrate punters as they kept up with the frantic pace. Bassist Chris Aiken got into the local spirit cracking a “Sport” on stage much to the delight of the crowd. Guitarists Rob Ramos and Jake Kiley generated plenty of onstage presence with running jumps and kicks to the air keeping the crowd energised.

Treating punters to a song off their most recent album, Transmission.Alpha.Delta the Californians belted out Nowheresville, with the catchy lyrics, “It’s all white noise, expensive toys, gimme mine or I’m taking yours” chanting throughout the venue receiving all-round fists pumps from punters. By this point of the night, every band member and punter was either covered in beer and sweat or working out a way to do so. Strung Out finished the night off with the popular Matchbox off of their third album Twisted by Design. Capping off the perfect night for Skate Punk fans, at the perfect venue, by the perfect band, Strung Out left nothing in the tank as they flew through Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and reminded fans why they’re one of the pioneers of Skate Punk and why they have left a resounding influence on So Cal’s 90s skateboarding scene.