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Striking Matches
Striking Matches

Nothing But Silence

The television show, Nashville, has certainly been a godsend for songwriters Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, who, as Striking Matches, have become regular contributors to the cast’s finest pairing, Sam Palladio and Australia’s own Clare Bowen.

Having songs on peoples’ iPods and in their lounge rooms counts for little if there is no way of backing it up, and this is what Striking Matches look to deliver on their debut, Nothing But The Silence. The palpable heartbreak and ache of the tunes like the couple has shared on Nashville poke its head up here every now and again, but it is the blues infused rock that drives the music on Striking Matches’ debut.

Trouble Is As Trouble does kicks things off with a frenetic burst of guitar playing from Davis to show that the band are more than a one trick pony. Striking Matches version of the tunes that aired on Nashville are here with Hanging On A Lie given a bit of extra sass and When The Right One Comes Along proving to be a perfect ballad no matter who is holding the reins.

Driving rhythms, tasteful crisp production and a knack for harmony are delivered in spades on Nothing But The Silence. Debuts as accomplished as this don’t come around too often.

4 stars

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