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Stillwater Giants

Stillwater-GiantsMezzanine/Morgan Bain/These Winter Nights
Amplifier Bar
Saturday, September 21, 2013

Amplifier Bar was host to positive energy and fresh live music for the launch of Margaret River party starter’s Stillwater Giants new single, Insane. The first band to fill the still relatively empty space with their sweet sounds were These Winter Nights. These local boys really wear their hearts on their sleeves, and introduced themselves with soft harmonies and well tempered progression leading to subtle climaxes. The keyboardist alone was a majestic sight, his face alive with the feeling of the music.

Morgan Bain was next to the stage and certainly kicked things up a notch with his entirely unique style.

While possessing a powerful set of pipes and a screech to wake the dead, Bain also displayed a distinct accessibility. Often defying convention, after an amazing extended drum solo finale, the place was alive.

A distinct change of pace came with the performance of Mezzanine. Theirs was a particularly heavy sound which became a little loose at times; one too many moments of uncontrolled feedback and a muddy mix left something to be desired. Criticisms aside, the vocals were suitably frantic and the band were capable of producing some haunting soundscapes. Their versatility was also evident and a transition to a more pop-oriented sound brought the audience back to the dance floor by the end.

Stillwater Giants finally bounded onto the stage. Put simply, their music is fun. The crowd almost immediately took on the properties of a sine wave, bouncing to the excellent vibrations these good humoured lads were providing. The vocal harmonies, sometimes incorporating almost the whole band, were absolutely uplifting. Capable of melancholic tones along with perfect transitions into up-tempo breakouts, Stillwater Giants are a perfect composite of dance music and rock with a funk sensibility. Lead singer Henry Clarke had jokes too, appearing to lead the band in renditions of equally loathe-able Ronan Keating and Miley Cyrus tunes, before apparently remembering that he didn’t even like those songs, breaking out into a pitch perfect cover of Radiohead’s High And Dry.

It seems unnecessary to tell you to keep your eyes on this band as it seems a lot of heads are already turned in their groovy direction. Those who aren’t yet in the know will find themselves impossibly drawn to find out exactly how deep these still waters run.



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