Sticky Fingers


Sydney dub-funsters Sticky Fingers play Capitol on New Years Eve with support from Stillwater Giants, Lyall Moloney, Micah and the Death Disco DJs. TRAVIS JOHNSON had a quick word with bass player, Paddy Cornwall.

So, first let’s address the elephant in the room: what’s the fallout from the Rottnest incident? Any chance this NYE gig coincides with a court date?

A great weekend that was over in WA. And yeah, it was a bit of a mess with Dizza’s (Dylan Frost, vocalist) arrest. His next court case isn’t ‘til February next year, but a gig coinciding is a tip top idea. Cheers for the light bulb. We usually spend New Years on the other side of Oz so it will be nice to mix it up a bit. There’s a pretty strong and rowdy Sticky following over in Perth. We have a really memorable time every time we come, despite the few hiccups that happen here and there.


With that in mind, does this mean we’ll be getting a more subdued Sticky Fingers show this time around?

Subdued? Forget about it! It’s New Year’s Eve at the Capitol. The show will be a firecracker. I hope we nail the count down this year. We did the countdown at Woodford up in Queensland once and messed it up a little. Don’t get me wrong, the show was a corker. The band was just really into playing the songs and next thing it was 20 past 12 and we were a bit like ‘oh shit, happy new years!’ This time it might be an idea to have a big clock or something.


How was 2013 for you guys? 

2013 has been by bloody tip top. Two sold-out Aussie national tours and our first Euro trip. We packed out joints in Amsterdam, London and Paris to crowds of fans we didn’t even know existed. On top of that we dropped our debut album, ranked #61 in the Hottest 100, and had a shitload of fun. To cap it all off we’ve spent the last three weeks recording album number two and it’s sounding hot. We’re really stepping it up and it feels like we’re onto something a little special. The whole year has been a high point. The only low being the hangovers and the occasional blue between the lads. We’re brothers in arms though so it’s all dust in the wind with that crap.


What’s 2014 hold in store for you?

Sticky Fingers is pretty much the hardest working band in Australia and 2014 is showing no sign of slowing up. Road warriors we are and will remain. The band’ll be around Australia and Europe a couple times with single releases off the sophomore album before dropping the full record at the brink of summer. We love making video clips so there’ll be a bunch more of those coming your way too. It also looks like we’ll be touring New Zealand for the first time. Dizza is especially excited about this, being a lad from Auckland, and not having returned home since moving to Sydney back in 2006.


Anything else we need to know?

If you’re a Sticky fan just get as excited as we are about the new album coming next year. Dann Hume is once again producing the thing, sitting in the studio up in Byron as we speak and it’s all coming to together beautifully. The first single is dropping with a video clip in February. Have a happy holidays and be good to your people. Lots of love from all the lads!


Sticky Fingers play Capitol on New Years Eve.

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