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Sticky Fingers


Land Of Pleasure



With two tasty singles under their belt this year already, Sticky Fingers have stirred a melting pot of influences together to produce a rugged, yet astoundingly catchy reggae-rock sound on this confident second album.

The opener and title track, Land Of Pleasure, emits a coaxing cry without giving away too much of their game, for the song is barely a glimpse of the versatility that Sticky Fingers are capable of. Tied together by the echoing Aussie twang of Dylan Frost’s vocals, the songs dance between styles, from the heavy reggae beats of Fake A Smile to silkier glories like Rum Rage. 

While most of the album will put pep in your step, Land Of Pleasure isn’t without its lower points. The record is perhaps one or two tracks too long, and the newer songs fail to convey the same effortlessness of singles, Gold Snafu, and Just For You.

This needn’t deter you from listening all the way through, however. There is more than enough variety in the record for everyone, and it provides a wonderful detour from the electronica and indie rock currently dominating the Australian music scene.

So prepare for a feast, because this album is finger-lickin’ good.



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