Steve Smyth





Compared to Steve Smyth’s first album Release, his second album, Exits, is a much more robust venture. It’s a much better fit for this rugged world citizen whose vocal demands to be heard and whose look that belongs to the wilderness.

On Exits Smyth unwraps a much more charmingly and somewhat manly vocal, demonstrating an ability to combine tenderness and tension, to powerful and deeply moving effect.

Singles Written Or Spoken and Shake It are perfect examples of the gap bridged between balladry and the rootsy rock Smyth loves. Written Or Spoken is stripped down with a string-plucking guitar, soft bass and drums filled with Smyth’s beautiful blues voice, switching between English and French and telling the story of a relationship torn apavrt by distance. His lyrics are both poetic and romantic, a male Norah Jones, if you will. Shake It takes another turn with its catchy cranking riff and powerful vocal. It binds roots and rock’n’roll with staggered rhythms similar to The Black Keys.
Exits is full of poetic and powerful vocals, crafty instrumental arrangements and wonderfully melodic harmonies.