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Steps to Achieving Total Self-Love

In the past few years, a new word entered the mainstream: self-love. There are many ways a person can love themselves, and they also depend on whom you ask. If you’ve been intrigued by this concept and want to know how to achieve total self-love, then this text is for you. So, get ready, because these tips right here will help you learn to love yourself and enjoy every moment.

Be gentle with yourself 

This is hugely important because many people tend to chastise themselves every time they make even the tiniest mistake. How many times have you scolded yourself whenever you’ve dropped something? Even though this might seem insignificant, remember that the way you treat yourself matters a great deal, so rather than feeling angry or guilty with yourself, it’s better to be gentle and treat yourself with kindness, like you’re your own best friend. 

Never compare yourself with others 

Comparing yourself with others is a learned behavior that doesn’t serve you in the slightest. But, if you grew up with parents who did that all the time, it’s no wonder you’re doing it too. So, it’s essential to unlearn this, because every person is different and unique, so comparisons won’t help you feel better about yourself. Your worth doesn’t lie in the way people perceive you, so rather than worrying about the opinion of a stranger, it’s much better to trust yourself. 

Get in touch with your senses

Your senses exist to lead you through life, but if you want to love yourself more, getting in touch with your senses is a great idea. Trying new things and experiences is a sure way to learn more about your desires and live a life of a sensuous woman, which is exactly what you deserve. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a difference between sensual and sensuous: both of them can exist within you simultaneously, but in order to be truly sensual, it’s important to discover your senses first. 

Consider going to therapy

Therapy is an amazing experience that can help you heal and attain tools that can further help you reach your potential. Also, going to therapy can be painful, which is why it’s important to get ready. Unraveling certain things might be difficult, but remember that difficult things often exist to teach you your own strength. Processing your traumas and the pain of previous experiences will help you move toward without the baggage that weighs you down. 

Stay away from toxic people 

Toxic people aren’t going to love yourself more. On the contrary, they’ll exploit your insecurities and point them out, which is only make you feel worse. Therefore, if you have toxic friends, it’s better to remove them from your life, or at least, see them as little as possible. That also includes family members, because your mental health always comes first. Toxic people or energy vampires as they’re often called, don’t take responsibility for their actions and words, which makes communication difficult. Instead, try to be friends with people who wish you the best and won’t make you feel like you’re unworthy of love. 


Self-love is possible and necessary, but in order to achieve it, you should take a deep look at yourself and your previous experiences. Also, going to therapy and practicing mindfulness might be things worth considering, especially if you struggle with setting boundaries and voicing your concerns. Finally, remember that healing and self-love isn’t a linear process, so give yourself time to work on your issues. Soon you’ll realize that self-love has always been there, so you’ll be able to grasp it and turn it into a powerful tool that will make you a better person. 

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