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Stephen K. Amos: What does The K Stand For?


The Astor Theatre

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

“Love is like a fart. If you force it, it’s probably going to be shit.” Zen-like wisdom dispensed from veteran British comedian Stephen K Amos in his latest show, What Does The K Stand For? One that is true for many things, including comedy. With the eye of an outsider (albeit someone who is a frequent visitor to our shores) and an uncanny ear for accents, he mercilessly skews Australian society. From our colloquialisms and love of a bit of colourful language, to more serious issues of race and multiculturalism (you’ll never look at a bag of Chicos the same way again), all are fodder for this one man show. It provides a strong start to the show rapidly gaining the audience on side.


That is where Amos’ skills truly lie. He masterfully reads a room and is able to work it. Some of his later material falls flat, some of his punchlines are telegraphed, but none of that matters as he is able to quickly sense the audience’s reaction, adapt to that and win them over. All with a grace and natural flow to the interaction, never seeming forced. Hecklers are dispatched, latecomers are admonished, and one poor young lad is given a disturbing masturbatory fantasy.


This is a show that should provide more than a few laughs as Amos works his magic on the crowd. It is definitely worth it for the showmanship of the performer rather than perhaps the strength of the material.




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