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STELLA DONNELLY @ The Bird gets 8/10

Stella Donnelly @ The Bird
w/ New Nausea and Telete
Thursday, August 24, 2017


On Thursday, Stella Donnelly graced The Bird with her presence and brought along New Nausea and Telete for an excellent show.

First up was New Nausea, who played some great tunes to warm up the crowd. The funny singer songwriter did a great job of warming up the crowd with his charming songs and laid back vibe.

New Nausea

Next up was Telete, a synth and strings duo that weren’t shy to dance and jump about on stage. The duo played some mesmerising songs, including a Kate Bush cover.


The Bird quickly filled up when it was time for Stella Donnelly to come on stage, and when she opened with A Poem, her voice was perfect from the very first word. Donnelly played all the songs from her wonderful EP Thrush Metal as well as a bunch of new songs, including a funny, jestful, stab at SportsBet. “I might turn the reverb down, this ones a bit less emotional than the others,” she stated before launching into the song.

Stella Donnelly

Everyone in the crowd was captivated by Donnelly’s incredible voice and stunning delivery. Her excellent on stage banter was the perfect contrast to her emotional songs, and she would have the audience between tears of laughter and actual tears, especially during Boys Will Be Boys.

Donnelly also included a great cover of Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck. Her take on the dance tune showcased the great lyrics of the song. Donnelly’s talent was also showcased as she floated between soft and hard hitting vocals. Her range and ability is truly incredible.

Later in the set, Donnelly stated, “Apparently I’m a folk artist, so I better get out the harmonica, just to keep up appearances.” She launched into another excellent song including a harmonica, which she was also great at playing.

Lastly, Donnelly played one of my favourite songs from her EP, Mean To Me, which is a beautiful little song that really demonstrates her incredible voice. She inspired a small singalong from some people in the audience, and it was a great way to finish off the show. Stella’s beautiful songs and hilarious on stage banter really make her something special.


Photos by Linda Dunjey Photography

Stella Donnelly


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