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Stanton Warriors

SALT-4_Stanton-WarriorsStanton Warriors are Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley – the seminal breaks wunderkinds who can seemingly do no wrong. RK chats to Butler about working the dancefloor upon their return to Breakfest 2013 on Thursday, December 26 at Belvoir Amphitheatre.

“We’ve been doing non-stop travelling across the world in recent times,” explains an exhausted but pumped Butler. “We did Coachella in the US, Glastonbury in the UK, massive festivals in the Ukraine and Canada – and all I can say is that we’ve had some amazing times. They’ve been usual Stanton Sessions parties – a bunch of great and unique experiences.”

In between all the travel and the parties, the lads have managed to come close to completing a new album, which they claim will bring together interesting producers from different genres across the electronic music spectrum.

“It’s still consistent with our sound,” explains Butler, “but it’s an evolution and us as a duo moving forward.”
Indeed they remain completely belligerent about sticking to their sound.

“Sounds have come and gone; electro-trash and whatever else you want to call it, you’ve got EDM going on and we’ve never really bothered with that or fashion trends generally. Luckily our fans resonate with that. We’re not trying to jump onto the latest fad and while our sound has matured and tweaked a bit, Stanton Warriors are fundamentally about working the dancefloor and all I can say is, we’ve stayed staunchly underground.”

In fact, growing up and looking to the underground sounds coming from Bristol at the time, the boys are doing much the same now.

“Hopefully people like what we’re up to,” says Butler. “We’re putting a lot of mixes up on Soundcloud now. We really want to keep up with our releases but the power of putting a set up – one that really had an impact – is a really cool idea. It’s not something that we’ve been able to do before and it really works for us.”

Butler adds that they’re particularly chuffed about getting back to Australia in 2013 because this time, they are coming back together.

“We’ve been working on a lot of edits and a lot of material people haven’t heard before. Mark will be working the laptop and chucking in some cool stuff over the top, so we can do stuff on the fly and if a tune is really rocking, we can almost remix it live. I really think that playing a track one after another is boring. We really want to get involved and give the fans something special. We want to pound the music out – it’s more challenging but it makes for a more interesting party. Hopefully people enjoy it.”

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