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SSHH Rising Tide gets 6.5/10

Rising Tide


This new single from Sshh (pronounced “Shush”) pushes their sound towards a sleeker production style with a maximalist vision. Punters who arrived early to see Primal Scream two weeks ago were wowed by Sshh’s energetic and fun, rockin’ support set, featuring “Sshh” Liguz on vocals and Zak Starkey (ex-drummer for The Who, Oasis, Lightning Seeds – oh and Ringo Starr’s son) on guitar.

Although forming about 10 years ago (originally as Pengu!NS), Sshh’s output has been limited with the exception of the Issues LP in 2016, featuring some classic covers for which they ingeniously recruited many of the original players from the likes of the Sex Pistols and Blondie.

Rising Tide is a different beast altogether, leaning more towards a 90s-vibe electro dancefloor-filler than their previous punk rock sounds. Sshh’s vocals are upfront and dramatic, the guitars are highly overdriven and the electronic beats pounding. Overdubs of background vocals swirl throughout to give the track a choral feel.

Overall this represents a swing towards the ‘electro’ end of the electro-punk continuum Sshh straddle. No word on an upcoming album as yet, but let’s hope they tour again soon.


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