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THE SPUNLOVES London gets 7.5/10

The Spunloves



The Spunloves have been jangly favourites in the Perth gig scene in recent years and they’re back with their new song London. It’s the first single from the band’s upcoming second album Too Deep For The Desert and if this song is anything to go by, they’re following up their last LP Premium Viewing in the right way. It features the same sun-drenched garage pop that defined their debut record, warm and rich in atmosphere.

The four-piece consists of David Vulin, Jordan Zupanovich, Clinton Oliver and Tom Cahill, and they’ve previously supported stellar acts like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Ocean Alley. Indeed, London sounds like the offerings of those bands, ready-made for large crowds. It runs with an addictive riff, sounding at once familiar and unfamiliar, quietly brooding before the vocals arrive.

The title London remains a mystery but as the lyrics untangle in a wistfully ponderous manner, it’s not hard to imagine that city being the place of a departed friend or lover. The roaring vocal chant “Everybody wants to find that someone/ Everybody wants to use” and “Everybody needs to fight for something/ Everybody needs to lose”; these are universal statements, imminently connectable, and immediately strike a chord upon listening.

The song fades out in a melting haze of thrashing indie guitars, bringing to the end an endlessly listenable track. There’s plenty to look forward to with the rest of Too Deep For The Desert, based on this.


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