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spoonThey Want My Soul

Spoon were one of indie rock’s success stories at a time when bands were finding it hard to stay afloat and were almost singlehandedly propping up record labels along the way. After their longest break between recordings, Spoon reunite for their eighth full-length album, They Want My Soul.
Spoon have always been a band that are as vibrant on record as they are in the live arena and They Want My Soul finds the members of the band reinvigorated to offer this latest outing oodles of energy without sacrificing style. After his time moonlighting in Divine Fits, it is refreshing to hear Britt Daniel embrace the characteristic rasp in his voice as he attacks these angular tunes with renewed vigour.
Studio whiz-kid and drummer, Jim Eno, ensures that They Want My Soul has a cracking rhythm section to give Spoon the drive and propulsion that is the band’s signature. New kid on the block, Alex Fischel (keyboards) swells the numbers to make Spoon a five-piece and offers extra colours and flavours, taking a lead role on the surprising, tender inside out.
Spoon are masters of the memorable hook without ever being throw-away. They Want My Soul is chock full of guitar-driven greatness that makes it well worth the four-year wait and is bound to see it feature highly on end-of-year lists.


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