Spend Forever With Nat Pearson

Forever, the new single by Perth songstress Nat Pearson, is out now on iTunes.  Check out the video for her last single,
Impressive Lies:

You can next catch Nat live at the RAW Showcase at The Bakery on Thursday, March 6.

Nat Pearson is a UK born singer-songwriter who was raised and lives in Perth, Western Australia. With her emotive, dynamic voice, she sings her stories with passion and integrity, and she can pack a punch when she wants to!

Well accustomed to the stage, Nat performs 3 nights a week to fun-loving crowds with her band FLYTE at Perth nightclubs, and with acoustic trio WIRE BIRDS at popular Perth bars. Performing has always been her driving force, with her first taste of the spotlight at just 5 years old.. and she hasn’t left the stage since.

“Music is magical, it paints a picture. The ultimate universal language. Music provokes emotion, nostalgia, empowerment, perspective.”

Nat is breaking into the original music scene thanks to talented Australian producer and songwriter Michael Tan, with her songs

“Forever”, “Senseless” and “Impressive Lies” available now on iTunes and YouTube.

nat pearson