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SORRY Snakes gets 8/10



Sorry, fast-rising noisy rockers from the UK, drop the slow-burning single Snakes ahead of their debut album, 925 (out March 27). Snakes has a great patient poise to it, with sharp guitar work and a steady thud of a drumbeat. Singer Asha Lorenz’s delivery is confident and clear, giving Snakes the necessary menace for the reptilian theme. The bridge switches the tune up nicely towards the end, extending the intrigue and the head-nodding.

The lyrics make an unflattering comparison of an ex-lover to spine-tingling inducing serpents: “Snakes didn’t even scare me/ Quite like you did”. And even includes a physical allusion later in the track: “I never thought about you in your underwear/ Cause I didn’t wanna think what was under there”. Poor snakes – always with the bad rep, I guess. The voice of Louis O’Bryen, who often provides a spoken word counterpoint to Lorenz’s up front singing, appears here too, but he’s reduced to a few background mumbles on Snakes.

So far Sorry have shown a slippery penchant for channelling different modern rock styles, and on Snakes they resemble hard-rocking indie luminaries the Pixies and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, especially Lorenz’s snarl at times. But Snakes and a slew of other singles released over the last year signal the potential of the band, including catchy hooks, rhythms and lyrics and even more experimental touches, with 925 getting some deserved hype as one of the debut LPs to watch in 2020.


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