SORRY 2 Down 2 Dance gets 6/10

2 Down 2 Dance



The current zeitgeist is that feelings are bad and nobody wants them – don’t catch feels! Despite this, London group Sorry is feeling all the feels in their new single 2 Down 2 Dance. Formed around 19 year old childhood besties, Asha Lorenz & Louis O’Bryen, lyrically the song has an intensity you may have been more familiar with in your teenage years, when every emotion felt very profound.

Swathed in grungy swagger, Lorenz and O’Bryen share vocal duties, both lamenting they are “too down to dance, too depressed for romance… stay in bed and cry, and cry.” At its heart, this is a breakup song about a lacklustre relationship.

Electronic drum beats provide the bedrock for grunge guitars, and various gear shifts from quiet to loud and back again. The chorus is repetitive and as such quite catchy but unfortunately, 2 Down 2 Dance suffers because of its earnestness and ends up coming across as quite ‘emo’.