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Sophie Hunger is the Swiss daughter of a diplomat who spent her youth in the UK and Zurich where she developed an appreciation for jazz, hip-hop and eventually folk. Hunger fronted a few indie bands before putting her first solo record together in 2006. Supermoon is her fifth album.

Hunger became exhausted under the weight of a constant touring schedule and took a break from music. A luna exhibit in San Francisco awoke the spark inside her and a meeting with Jon Vanderslice lead to the making of Supermoon. The title track is dark and moody – sitting somewhere between Suzanne Vega and Beth Orton, with Hunger showing off a husky voice over traditional folk sounds.

Supermoon then takes the listener through twists and turns with Mad Miles having synths, dynamic percussion and a chorus that screams radio, whilst somehow making the perfect soundtrack to a mouthful of mushrooms. Superman Woman name drops Courtney Barnett on its way to brass inspired pop jauntiness. Die Ganze Welt is a chance for Hunger to show off another of her many spoken languages to a jazz soundtrack.

Hunger shows herself to be a jack of all trades on Supermoon with an album that shows all of the variation of a night in front of Eurovision. Supermoon sounds unfocussed, but has slightly more good moments than poor ones.



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