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SON LUX Dream State gets 7/10

Son Lux
Dream State


Feeling like an audible light show, Dream State by Son Lux exacerbates tension via smatterings of shattered string samples and tight, electronic music qualities.

Overlayed with the vocals of Rafiq Bhatia, there is an element of strain and desperation felt within the lyrics, giving off a tone of cautious optimism.

Five minutes of enigmatic lyrical metaphors and shattering electronic product make way for a track that errs on the experimental side, but with a familiar pop quality that stops the track from delving into complete alienation.

It’s in the quiet moments in the lead up to the explosive chorus that the Dream State holds true. Where the listener is left in a pleasurable suspense but is rocked with a sneaky burst of Bhatia’s screams or rapid beat.

To put it simply by analogy, it’s as if a slam poet had hit up an EDM festival for the first time and decided to have an existential crisis. Dream State is the progeny of that experience.

A smattering of beat, rhythm and electronica leaves make up Dream State, leaving a lot of anticipation for upcoming album Brighter Wounds.


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