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SNACK ft. LIME CORDIALE @ Metro City gets 7/10

Snack ft. Lime Cordiale @ Metro City
Sunday, February 28, 2021


Metro City was revived over the weekend for Snack which featured Lime Cordiale alongside DJs and a silent disco, and while it was great to be back seeing acts from across Australia again, it was a strange setting to see a band such as Lime Cordiale in.


The first issue was a lack of signage. Metro City is a maze and it was difficult to find all the separate stages and silent discos – a few signs pointing in the right direction would have been a great help. The second issue was the fact that there were no other bands on the bill. DJs were playing TikTok songs and general hits all night before Lime Cordiale took to the stage, and it just did not make sense, considering we were about to see a band.

It definitely could have benefited from having at least one other band on the bill, so that a similar vibe could be kept up throughout the evening. Some punters were loving it, but others were obviously bored. Lime Cordiale themselves even made a sly comment about the DJs replacing the typical support act.

Lime Cordiale

When they finally hit the stage, the band opened with No Plans To Make Plans, which immediately got the crowd singing along. Their sound was crisp, clean and perfectly balanced, and rang out well throughout the whole venue. A euphoric feeling spread around Metro City and it was clear everyone was so glad to be back seeing an act from another state, with the band stating multiple times how lucky we are here in WA, and how glad they were to have a show with an audience that can stand and dance. 

Screw Loose was a highlight with fog cannons marking the start of the chorus, and the crowd went crazy for the band’s rendition of Divinyls I Touch Myself. It was also great to see them bring out the trombone, clarinet and even a kazoo for the live renditions of their tracks. Lime Cordiale will be responsible for making the clarinet cool again.

Lime Cordiale

The main set ended with Reality Check Please, Addicted to the Sunshine, Temper Temper and On Our Own, which was the band’s highest charting track in 2020’s Hottest 100, and, as expected, the crowd wanted more. The group’s pianist returned onstage first for a lengthy but wonderful piano solo, before the rest of the group returned for the encore, where Robbery induced a huge singalong and confetti to fall from the ceiling. Inappropriate Behaviour closed the show and ended the set on a high note. Lime Cordiale were truly great.

Lime Cordiale

A bit more planning in regards to signage and including some similar acts to Lime Cordiale on the bill would have made this event even better, but Lime Cordiale were awesome and nothing can take away from how good it felt to be in a venue full of people again.


Photos by Adrian Thomson

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