SLUMBERJACK @ Villa Nightclub gets 8/10

Slumberjack @ Villa Nightclub
w/ Kuren
Friday, June 2, 2017


If you’re into electronic music, you’re from Perth and you go out, chances are you’ve seen Slumberjack once or twice before. These guys have shot from strength to strength over the last few years but their recent Fracture tour really cemented the notion of their success that is still yet to come. With sold out shows across the country their final show at Villa last Friday carried some high expectations.

Support act Kuren was something else altogether. Aside from being hugely complementary, this one-man-band performance including drumpads, keyboard and singing the top lines had it all going on.

His sound was hugely unique and shed some good light on what’s been happening on the east coast. Future pop could be the only way to really describe his vibe, it was palatable and easy to dance to and lent heavily on those synth sounds. He gave us a nice Shape of You rendition and got a decent reception for his recent release Mon Amour.

Waiting, waiting… as the anticipation filled the air it was a relatively early set time of 11:45pm that solidified the message that this was Slumberjack‘s show; their showcase of music.

Starting out with their interlude brought about a creepy, moody atmosphere that had the sardines in the mosh pit just yearning for the show to go on. Throwing it straight into overdrive with Felon meant a full assault of light and sound that was welcomed with ease.

A huge mention must be made for their visuals – bright and blinding, they had a huge variation of interesting and captivating displays which somehow managed to stick with their theme and brand. With lyric videos and visual changes timed on the beat it was highly impressive to know it was created by one half of the production duo, Fletcher Ehlers, himself.

With a small peaceful interlude of Porter Robinson’s Fellow Feeling, it was really the only quiet time where the finger on the ‘banger button’ was lifted and they could have connected with the crowd a bit, or engaged over the mic to let them know they were still humans with flaws. Because their set was so well managed and executed it seemed almost too perfect. They paid homage to a huge amount of local and national artists like Command Q, Rüfüs and What So Not, which made you appreciate Australian electronic dance music at its best.

Ending on a high with Afraid, Unafraid, everyone sang to every word and jumped to every drop. It was clean, professional and definitely worthy of every penny. It’s onwards unto the States from here on in for these boys and Perth wishes them the best of luck.