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Falcon/The Midnight Mules/Gombo

The Bakery

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It had been a rainy Saturday but that did not dampen the spirits of the punters as it continued to drizzle through the night. As people continued to file into the Bakery for what I can only describe as a showcase of multi-genre bands, the MC Mitchell announced the night’s proceedings in his quirky ’80s TV host-like manner. First up was Gombo, an amazingly talented trio, a creative powerhouse who seem to be able to fit many genres into one song. A feat not only pulled off through individual talents but also as a tightly knit unit. And they sure do pull it off, with heavy riffs, quirky licks, killer harmonies, a twisted humour and a surprise around every corner. Unfortunately, they seem to go over some heads and scare some audience members. They just need to relax and let Gombo wriggle around up inside them a bit.

Next up were The Midnight Mules. Self described as calypso rock, they quickly had the floor packed. From upbeat poppy rock numbers to melancholy ballads they engaged the crowd. Looking sharp in their half red, half black suits they ran through a set of tight numbers. With snappy guitar rhythms, up tempo beats and wicked lead licks their rockin’ songs seemed to be their most popular. They seemed at home on stage and were having fun, and so were the punters. The jackets came off and the songs became more rockin’ and a bit heavier. If I had to describe them I would say it sounds like the Hives screwing Weezer.

And then came Falcon. I’m sure not everyone knew what to expect as the MC announced their arrival after a fluffy pink grand piano was brought out on stage. The three piece were clad in glittering sequins and scarfs and they dove head first into what I can only describe as humorous ’80s parody originals, covers and originals/covers medleys. Whew. They were a whirlwind. Each song was its own opera from beginning to end, tongue in cheek and pulled off again due to individual talents collaborating with no holds barred creativity.

Sleepfreak. The band needed no introduction; they were who the punters came to see. With eerie blue lighting they took the stage as samples played. An LED visual back drop show accompanied the four piece. They had brought the full production for their beloved hometown fans. The heavy riffs chugged with killer harmonies and layers. It’s metal but it’s really rockin’ and they were pullin’ off all the licks. The crowd were packed in and loving every melodically luscious verse. The front man, Antoni, was in control, addressing, teasing and pleasing his audience. With a couple of covers, including a shout out to recent Hall of Famers, Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box, and a couple of oldies. For the diehards moshing up front they announced their last song and a surprise: beach balls. It was messy and hilarious and summed up the night – great fun. A great rock move, I must say. After they had finished their set of metal, heavy rock, heavy rock blues and heavy glam rock metal they thanked the audience and aired their new clip, Sleazebag. A very well made production which is hilarious.


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