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Sleep Parade




It’s been five years since Melbourne rock band Sleep Parade emerged with their critically-acclaimed LP, Things Can Always Change, which featured atmospheric rock built on mysterious verses and heavy-hitting choruses. Tracks such as Passenger and Carry On were lauded, and soon enough the band was handpicked to tour with Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and The Butterfly Effect. Their recent release, Inside/Out, however, features a different approach, with a stripped back sound as they verge closer to an ‘indie’ approach.

Their newer style has it perks, with strong harmonies, multiple layering, sensuous keyboard and a strong bass drive. For vocalist/guitarist, Leigh Davies, the dynamics required in Sleep Parade’s new style has been a positive, showcasing his versatility and effective lower-range. Unfortunately, the band only seems to nail the new sound in the songs Footsteps and Oxygen, which are tracks five and six respectively. The first four tracks are full of ideas, but overall feel convoluted, lacking solid structures; while Dancing With The Enemy is an extremely odd pick for a first single.

It’s clear that Sleep Parade are moving towards a solid indie-rock sound, and while they haven’t perfected it just yet, Inside/Out provides an interesting listen.


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