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SLAY FROM WA This local playlist isn’t your typical indie jams

Along with its fresh air, eternal sunshine and picturesque landscape, and mostly coronavirus-free living thanks to Mr Mark ‘Legend’ McGowan, WA has a remarkably eclectic music scene filled with talented artists. It’s even been said that there’s something in the water. Typically, we find locally themed playlists lean heavily towards rock and indie, but keen X-Press writer and playlister GISELLE NATASSIA has curated a selection that aims to feature more of our state’s electronic genius. We recommend you listen in order, make sure your crossfade is turned on, strap in and get ready for a ride with those that Slay from WA. Simply scroll below or just paste this link into your Spotify search browser.

While playlists have changed form over the years from the beloved mixtape, to burnt CDs of personal faves and now more commonly online formats, the rules of making a playlist remain the same. Pick a great opener, grab their attention, attempt to hold that attention and then ensure you take the listener on a journey.

We found our perfect vibe-setter in the voice of Reija Lee and the lush, retro-infused production of her tune Love Nobody. It’s an incredible debut solo single that shines new light on, and showcases the diversity of one of Perth’s most well known singers in the drum & bass realm. The strong feminine energy continues with electronic pop duo Pricilla as they take us on a ride with their whimsical, progressive masterpiece Circles, turns dark and punchy with the immaculate production of young beat-maker Wyn and jams out hard in neo soul territory with Your Girl Pho. Jamilla oozes class with her caramel voice and silk-like R&B,  percussive electronic duo Feels own it with their glitchy instrumental Prior Engagement and multi-talented Felicity Groom’s eastern inspired, psychedelic Burj Khalifa that was released just this year, makes an appearance too. Yowza, the homegrown sisterhood is strong!

We also have some raw, honest and masterful poets out west too. Mathas’ newest masterpiece Airing Out examines the frustrating process artists face in the name of creation and comments on the potentially destructive playground dynamics of the hip hop scene. Arno Faraji’s dance worthy Destiny is so vibey it hurts.  There’s also Otiuh’s Pink Gelato, Caller ID off Superego’s newest and Squad by Mali Jo$e. Damn, we have some diverse rap talent in this town.

There’s so many more little wonders in there too, like the little-known Fourth State Turiya, an exquisite trip-hop duo that features synth master Edoardo Moriconi, the divine voice of Leah Michelle and a band name alluding to the fourth state of consciousness obtained via the act of meditation. Their dreamy track Animals, reminiscent of 90s underground classics like Massive Attack or Lamb, combined with their own unique touch is more-ish and undeniably pretty. Similarly, try not to melt while listening to Leopard Lake’s simmeringly evocative track Only One with dark vocals by Storm Wyness and production by Sam Ford (Producer of Abbe May’s doom-pop classic Kiss My Apocalypse). Newcomer Channo aka Luchii’s Daydreamer will have you blissed out and wanting more, while Liminal Drifter and Gazey present gleaming 80s inspired, retro-synth trips into wonderland.

And finally, a Slay from WA playlist couldn’t be complete without some west coast-based drum & bass; particularly as Perth is often dubbed one of the biggest DnB hubs in the southern hemisphere. Local legend ShockOne’s crunchy, macabre masterpiece Dark Machine broods the mood, up and coming producers Flowidus hit us in the face with their dancefloor smasher Kids in the Club and Ekko & Sidetrack’s stunner track Burgle only scratches the surface of the two brothers’ diverse production quality.

So roll up your sleeves, put on a smoking jacket and a bib and get ready to groove and be moved by some of Perth’s most awesome electronic, r&b, hip hop and lo-fi treasures.


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