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World On Fire 

Dik Hayd/Sony


The legendary axeman behind the iconic riffs on Paradise City and Welcome To The Jungle is back with more decadent hard rock to charm your eardrums into an orgasmic wax-fest.

World On Fire is Slash’s second studio album featuring his star cohorts Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) and The Conspirators – Brent Fitz (drums) and Todd Kerns (bass). It’s a slow burn at one hour and 17 minutes for a whopping 17 tracks, but you won’t be counting the time and yawning through filler fluff.

This album is a solid rock’n’roll fireball from start to finish. It’s loaded with rip-roaring energy and attitude from a group of experienced musicians who know how to churn out infectious anthems, track after track. The stomping bluesy riffs of Beneath The Savage Sun and jaw-dropping solo on Safari Inn are album highlights. Meanwhile, the title track is the perfect intro to Slash and friends’ stadium rock style; speedy and lavish guitars flirting with the astounding musical talent of each member.

Slash saves the best for the last, The Unholy – a soaring, apocalyptic conclusion to a ballsy album that is sure to set rock fans’ pants on fire universally.



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