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SKY MACHINE Prototype gets 7/10

Sky Machine



Sky Machine are a Perth sci-fi inspired jazz fusion project who are taking listeners on an immersive journey with Prologue, an original science fiction story. The project, released in installments of individual tracks, is scheduled to span across the rest of this year and into September of 2021.

Their new addition, Prototype sees the continuation from their debut release in the form of Chapter 1: 1947. The group have said the new track “explores the consequences of what happens when a covert group reverse engineers advanced technology that was recovered from an unknown source in 1947.” It’s intriguing stuff, with plenty to take in both musically and thematically.

Their musicianship is exhilarating throughout throughout Prototype, a near 10 minute track that ebbs and flows as if it has always existed this way. The music breathes and screams and navigates an unknown land. It is unexpected and energetic, as they manifest a world of their own through vibrant improvisation.

Check it out below, or if you want to experience it in a truly unique performance, Sky Machine will launch the new release live at The Goodwill Club, downstairs at The Rechabite on Sunday, December 20.


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