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St James Sirens
St James Sirens

The Western Trend Festival (WTF) happens on Saturday, March 14, at Canefire Gardens in the Swan Valley. You’ll be able to hear St James Sirens.

The Western Trend Festival is a new start-up event for Perth live original music. Given the recent discussion re venues how important do you think this event could be?

With many festivals/original music venues being canned from around Perth, WTF is a great opportunity to start getting Perth back in the original music scene. For us this festival will help us gain experience and publicity which is getting harder to come by. It should be an awesome day, better than Futures!

Have you as a band had much in the way of outdoor/festival experiences?

We have played on outdoor stages before but this will be our first festival so we are all pretty excited to be playing. The venue at Canefire looks great and their rum isn’t too bad either.

Describe the evolution of your band, how it was at the start and what it is and is becoming…

We started out as a three-piece with Towie, Misky and Nini, soon after Billy joined on lead which made our overall sound fuller. Our music seems to be heading in a heavier/progressive direction at the moment but could change at any time.

What’s your gameplan for the rest of the year?

Currently we are looking into recording a single as a follow up from our Edge Of Reason EP which we recently released. We’re basically just trying to play as many shows as possible and continue writing new material.

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