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SIOBHAN COTCHIN Somewhere In Between gets 8/10

Siobhan Cotchin

Somewhere In Between


Perth-born Siobhan Cotchin’s new single Somewhere In Between highlights the struggles of modern love with a familial country vibe. Taking inspiration from country, pop and alternative styles alike, Cotchin’s comfortable swaying vocals and warm acoustic guitar bring together a homey piece that simultaneously comforts and subverts one’s expectations.

Cotchin’s work is known for it’s variety, with themes ranging from romance to her own personal interests and struggles, and Somewhere In Between captures this exactly. Utilising the soft set chords of her guitar and her own powerful vocals, the song’s subject and tune somewhat clash, a soothing country backdrop for an issue not nearly as easy to handle. With her opening lyrics “I don’t like what I see in the mirror some days,” she immediately faces the issue of her song head-on.

Cotchin guides her listeners gently into those difficult subjects. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Cotchin’s powerful vocals project more meaning into her work than the tune would seem to suggest – within her single Let You Down she utilises the power of her vocals in order to bring home the point of how much her current romance is hurting her and that power is once again seen within Somewhere In Between, although not for the same reason. Cotchin’s use of power within the song comes in the form of her silences and her quietness, allowing one to truly grasp the serious nature of the song’s topic without being pushed out of the song entirely.

Cotchin shows us her message plain and simple by the end of the song, bringing home the piece in a surprisingly sincere moment “I am somewhere in between self-loathing and being okay.”

Here’s hoping Cotchin’s future works continue to show us that same level of sincerity and comfort, especially with the future release of an EP.


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