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SINSUALITY: LOVE @ The Edith Spiegeltent gets 9/10

Sinsuality: Love @ The Edith Spiegeltent
Friday, February 14, 2020


The perfect remedy to Valentine’s Day for singles, or a romantic date for those who are loved-up, the Kinetica team once again brought a sublimely produced and flawlessly delivered show full of delicious moments of beauty and glamour. The entire show was nothing short of perfection. Kinetica put together the most incredible variety shows and must be experienced to believe.

From the opening act to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, the premise of women being weak was broken down with an arrow shot straight through your hard heart as Sarah Ritchie broke boundaries, walls and hearts. Archery never looked so good or so powerful.

Backed up with one of Perth’s finest all-round talents, Karl Kayoss continues to astound and expand on his talents each Fringe. He is a consummate performer whose creativity is given the freedom he needs with Kinetica productions as this flexy acrobatic, genderfucking superstar expanded on his repertoire with lifts, dance numbers and some divine boylesque numbers, cementing why he was honoured as the King of Boylesque in 2017. With smooth transitional contortions into an act Dita van Teese would applaud, he is sublime perfection.

His partner, Barbie Q, has more than earned her stripes over the years (let’s not count them because we don’t discuss a lady’s age) as a flawless performer and enduring hostess of Connections nightclub. Her interplay with the performers is hilarious, but ultimately professional and entertaining. That lady continues to prove herself and her love for Karl is played out beautifully and endearingly onstage. It’s a sheer delight.

Ruby of Bobbi’s Pole Studio made a brave choice by entering throwing dollar bills off hand, because there is a real history with pole dancing and money making, but this is a celebration of the history. Making money from your talents is something to be respected and revered. Sex work is real work, and pole dancing is a sport, and there is room for both combined. Regardless, her mistress-ship of the mobile pole is nothing short of phenomenal, and something rarely seen on a stage anywhere.

Kinetica producer Rebecca MacMahon began with a very pretty lycra performance that suddenly turned into a subversive surprise as she donned a giant balloon head in a mockery of sexiness as a sexy mess. Her bubblegum act is a supreme standout of comedic proportions that was a monstrous celebration of the joy in dance and self-love. There is nothing more enjoyable than an act turned on its head, in this case, quite literally.

Performing a sold out show on V day was an achievement in itself, but the show was totally worthy of all the plaudits, as are the entire cast. All the adjectives are worthy here. Sexy, funny, and so entertaining you should probably take a fresh pair of knickers, Kinetica are always a bet worth taking and have never disappointed. Add them to the list for next year’s FRINGE WORLD, and forevermore. They are some of the finest talent Perth can claim.


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