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Silver Hills

Silver Hills Press 1 2014

‘Cine And Heard

Silver Hills launch their debut EP, Plasticine Daydream, at The Bird this Friday, August 22, with help from Delay Delay, HAMJAM and Flower Drums. BOB GORDON checks in with vocalist/guitarist, Mark McGlue.

Describe your time thus far playing in the Perth music scene?

Rather blissful. There’s a very communal spirit to Perth’s music scene. There’s rarely competitiveness or animosity from anyone and almost always generosity and good vibes. People making music and others supporting it, all out of love.

What were the origins of the band?

Most of us met at high school in the great rolling ‘burbs. A few years later we started jamming some very noisy psychedelic mumbo jumbo together for a bit of fun and the whole thing casually developed into something much more.

Have you become the band you wanted to be, or something beyond?

Definitely something beyond our expectations as we didn’t really have any in the beginning. We just wanted to enjoy ourselves, hang out and jam. Then as we started experimenting with different sounds, developing our songwriting etc, we became more of our own thing.

Tell us about the songs on the EP?

The title track, Plasticine Daydream, is about consciousness and the idea that life is just the dream of a larger eternal existence. There’s a kind of romantic existentialism throughout all of the songs.

What are your plans from here?

We’re going to gather up all of our bits and pieces, ideas and inspirations and make an album to be released next year. But more importantly, just keep on enjoying ourselves.

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