sia1000 Forms Of Fear
Monkey Puzzle/Inertia

Sia Furler is more popular and successful now than ever before – so, naturally, she’s not doing interviews, touring or even showing her face. It’s an unexpected move – but, then again, not much about Furler up to this point can be considered conventional. Everything she has achieved thus far has been strictly on her terms, and her sixth album is no exception.

The bubbly pop of her previous album, We Are Born, matures and progresses here with striking, dynamic production and an endless array of hooks and vocal runs that are distinctively hers. Single, Chandelier, on its own is the performance of a lifetime, but rather than lose steam early, the album develops a consistency that does not waver throughout. Despite her prolific work as a songwriter for the pop world’s top tier, there’s nothing like hearing Furler sing her own songs. It’s a direct line from the heart, and it stirs something within her that cannot compare to merely existing behind the scenes.

Truly, this may be Sia’s best album since her 2004 breakthrough, Colour The Small One. Since contemplating suicide in 2010, Furler has made every moment of her life count. 1000 Forms Of Fear is something worth living for.

David James Young