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SHY PANTHER Alleviate gets 7/10

Shy Panther
Group Therapy


Not to be confused with their similarly named, more raucous counterparts Steel Panther, Shy Panther have just dropped Alleviate; the calmingly titled third single from their debut album Intermissions. 

The Perth locals have gained traction since the release of their Dozen Clouds Wide EP back in 2012, supporting big wigs Abbe May and Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) and playing festivals ever since.

Alleviate is a gorgeous piece of casual groove from the get-go; you’re greeted by a swirl of synths, beeps and buzzes which soon transforms into a slow jam. There’s an immediately clear link to be made between this track and music in the realm of Tame Impala, solidifying our city’s affinity with the psychedelic genre. Not only that, there’s also a certain jazzy feel to it, particularly in the bass. You could even have pegged it as a ’90s track, perhaps from late in the shoegaze era. To summarise it best, it’s a timeless piece of music.

Vocally it’s got just the amount of reverb you’d expect; drowning the vocals somewhat but not enough to make it totally unintelligible. It hovers at that point where you’d be hesitant to quote lyrics in fear of getting them wrong. Nevertheless, vocalist Dan Fragomeni’s voice is enjoyable for what it is, regardless of what is being conveyed.

With this song, Shy Panther produce an immersive soundscape. While not being the most complex tune, it’s easy to identify the amount of care put into each aspect and to appreciate how it all fits together. It’s one of those tunes you could play in almost any situation and it wouldn’t be out of place,  and in that sense achieves what many musicians aim for.




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