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SHORT LIVED MINISTRY @ The White Star gets 7.5/10

Short Lived Ministry @ The White Star, Albany
Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hailing from Albany, Short Lived Ministry are a group of five lads shaking up the Great Southern music scene with some hard, fast and loud tunes. The band was born of the passion of ex-bassist Regan, who brought the boys together and motivated them to jam.

As someone who doesn’t go out of my way to listen to heavy metal, I was surprised to find myself gain a greater appreciation of metal music through watching these boys play live. The acoustics of The White Star worked well resonating the deep tones of the instruments and vocals. If you’re into music that penetrates the skull and features some undefined lyrics, behold – your new favourite independent metal band.

The boys began their gig with Lost and Found, a song with unclear lyrics but a meaning that most people can relate to – finding yourself in the world after being lost. Ticking Time Bomb followed, with Duke opening up the song with thrashing drums. Guitarists Matt and Mitch used a lot of feedback, all while Cam set the rhythm by bringing the bass.

They covered Enter Shikari’s Sorry You’re Not a Winner which got the metal fans in the audience singing along. The contrast between Rory’s guttural screams and Matt’s pitches harmonised well.

By the time In My Mind was played, people were well into it and a mini-mosh pit ensued, beer and humans flying everywhere. The boys had eased into metal mayhem, Mitch “windmilling” his hair whilst holding the standard rock stance. The energy exchange between band and audience was a thing of exuberance and with a little encouragement, the crowd became more untamed.

Another cover, this time of Parkway Drive’s Sleepwalker, displayed Rory’s range as he went from roaring like an angry giant to shrieking banshee-like whilst Matt shredded on lead guitar. Dart Key, Rory declared, is about “Getting fucked up with your mates on the weekend”. It was a charming song with flowery poetic lines such as “Raise your glass to the sky, let’s all get fucking high.”

Short Lived Ministry recently performed at Tetsuo Nightclub in Perth and The Swan Basement in North Freo representing regional music for WAM fest. They are looking to tour nationally and hope to play interntionally, but for now are keeping the Great Southern honest with some great, heavy sounds.


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