SHIT NARNIA The Big Splash Heat #4 Winner


Answered by drummer, Albert Pritchard.

As a band, what are you trying to do? Are you doing it?

Currently, Will (bass) is trying to crack open a 1.25kg tin of Milo with his forehead. Going terribly so far.

How did you feel about your set on Thursday night?

The set went pretty good but Hugh (Manning, vocals) was hideously sick so he didn’t reach peak-Hugh.

What acts caught your ear/eye?

Agamous Betty and the Gothic Circus were fucking amazing, he’s already awesome with just his voice, lyrics and guitar but the whole piano-viola-drums iteration that they pulled out on the night was killer. Dissonant, beautiful and melancholic.

Who else in The Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

Rag N Bone and them badboys at Foam are going to kill it so that’ll be rad to see. Also Good Try are nice and new and we are really keen to catch them. Divorce Party have some fucking awesome songs, we love ‘em. Bliss In Berlin are not to be missed.

What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2015?

This is going to be a pretty fun/gross year. We have another EP on the way so that will mean a video, single launch and EP launch that’s going to run on into an Eastern States tour probably in November. All the while we’ll be writing more songs, playing heaps of shows and probably getting stuck into more recordings.

The Big Splash continues with Heat #5 on Thursday, July 2, at Mojo’s with Beach Aunty, Bliss In Berlin, The High Learys and Valdaway. Doors open 8pm, $6 entry.