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Shit Narnia
Shit Narnia

Perth punks Shit Narnia launch their EP, Welcome To New L.A., at The Bird this Wednesday, January 7, with support from Hideous Sun Demon, Catbrush, The Pissedcolas, Laurel Fixation and Mining Tax. We have a word with drummer, Albert Pritchard.

What’s your sound? Who are your key influences?

We are a punk/post-hardcore sort of thing. We’re influenced heavily by La Dispute, McLusky, Frenzal Rhomb, Fugazi, to name a few.

What’s the Shit Narnia story? Give us a quick history.

We met in Albany as kids and started to play music together in mid-2013. Hugh the frontman had a bunch of poems that we were all keen to convert into songs so we just started jamming in his girlfriend’s front room.

Where’d the name come from?

It’s from a book called John Dies At The End.

Tell us about Welcome To New L.A.

It’s about a bunch of things and people we have encountered in the last few years living in Perth. It’s got all the major Perth themes, traffic jams, urban sprawl, macho dickheads, teenage boredom and wanking.

Where did you record and who with?

We recorded with a top dude called Rhys Catlin, who’s a total whizz. We recorded this EP live in the Flytrap in Fremantle.

What’s up next for you guys?

We are planning another record, a tour down south and generally keeping up the shows.


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