Shining Bird


Leisure Coast

Any band that has got together over a shared passion for Denis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue are one that are worthy of your attention. Illawarra natives Shining Bird are one such outfit who espouse their love of all things to do with the ocean on Leisure Coast.

Shining Bird may have only played their first gig in late 2012, but the five members have been fossicking around in the studio for a few years with Leisure Coast being the culmination of their efforts to date. Tunes that clock in at under five minutes are in the minority for Shining Bird who appear to be in no hurry when it comes to do with anything with the band. The songs rely heavily on atmosphere and, well, times flourishes.

Breaking out of the mould somewhat is Distant Dreaming which is more playful in its approach as Dane Taylor’s voice sits a little further back in the mix, whereas Don’t Get Down has his rich baritone as the driving force behind the snail-paced lament that would make The National blush.

Leisure Coast alternates between sprawling tunes about the ocean and more intimate tales of loss and heartache. Shining Bird have some tricks up their sleeve that make them one to keep a very close ear on.