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SHIHAD @ Rosemount Hotel gets 9/10

Shihad @ Rosemount Hotel
w/ Legs Electric
Friday, November 16, 2018


It was a double celebration at Rosemount Hotel on Friday night for Shihad. Not only was it their 30th anniversary as a band but it was also the 20th anniversary of their biggest album, The General Electric. Perth really turned up the weather for their show which meant one thing: it was going to be extremely hot and sweaty inside – the way a Shihad show should be.

Legs Electric

It was a late start and with a beer festival going on outside (and a sold out show), the place was buzzing and you just knew that it was going to be a crazy night. The DJ in the main room played some big tunes to warm everyone up and by the time Legs Electric came out onstage, people were well on their way to being merry.

They opened the show with Sold Ya Soul, Strange Addiction, Wanna Riot and Shine Right Thru. With their banter and onstage presence, it was clear why they were chosen as the support act. They never stop moving and their obvious love of performing oozes out of every note and infects the audience. “This place is where it all began,” Ama Quinsee told the crowd, showing it meant something to them, too.

They finished their set with She’s Like A Saint, Road Trippin/If Black Night (“a bit of a fusion song”) and Kingdom. It was not without a bit of drama however as apparently some guy ruined his pants. This reviewer chose not to ask the question of how but the why could have been something to do with the 13% beer on offer.


Excitement was rising along with the heat as extra bodies piled in from outside. The lights went out and the intro (Battery – Metallica) played before Shihad turned it into Think You’re So Free seamlessly. They also played FVEY, Sleepeater, One Will Hear The Other and Alive. If you thought it was hot before, Shihad were turning up the heat with a (generally) electrifying performance as well.

“Everybody get your metal fingers in the air! This one’s called Comfort Me!” Jon Toogood announced to the happily obliging pit. They followed with Run, Brightest Star and My Mind’s Sedate. “Not only are we celebrating 30 years of Shihad but it’s also the 20th anniversary of The General Electric!” Toogood added. “To celebrate it, we’re going to play the whole first side!”


Half way through The General Electric however, they managed to blow up their guitar amps and had to change setlist around with a drum solo from Tom Larkin (who does not like to do drum solos) and Home Again before re-starting The General Electric and Wait And See. Toogood got everyone to turn their phone torches on for Pacifier.

Shihad finished their set with La La Land, Deb’s Night Out, You Again and Factory. They walked off stage so that we could all get a quick breather before coming back for Cheap As. “Hey Perth! Thank you SO much! 30 fucking years!” Toogood said.

We all walked out with sweat dripping from every single pore, tired but happy. The thing about Shihad shows is that everyone knows the words and sings along as loud as possible. Their open nature and suitably electric performances mean that they have gained some of the most loyal fans who attend as many shows as possible. After all, can you really call yourself a Shihad fan if you haven’t seen them at least 20 times, right?


Photos by Linda Dunjey

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