Bombs Away

Empire Of Song


If you’ve switched on the radio recently then there’s a large chance you’ve heard of Sheppard and their number one hit, Geronimo, which knocked Pharrell Williams off the top spot for three weeks. The six-piece’s debut album, Bombs Away, which features both radio singles Geronimo and the 2013 hit Let Me Down Easy, is a lovely break from bass drops and poor attempts at rap, providing some mellow indie-pop on Australian airwaves.

The relaxed vibe provided comes at a price, however, as many tracks like The Best Is Yet To Come and Smile feel uneventful and begin to unveil over-produced vibes similar to that of Owl City.  That being said, Amy and George Sheppard have gone out of their way to incorporate as many mainstream pop elements into their songs as possible. The first half of Bombs Away is the saviour, with the foot-tapping simplicity of Something’s Missing and the soothing combination of tambourines and harmonies in These People proving there a more singles to come.