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SHE LEAVES THE MOUNTAIN Exclusive first listen

Formed in 2014 around the talents of guitarist/ producer Rodney Aravena (The Sleepy Jackson, End of Fashion) and new-comer vocalist/ multidisciplinary artist Dimity Magnus, She Leaves The Mountain is a name you’ll be hearing more of in the coming months as they launch debut 7″ single Mainspring Insects with  Tasty, and tour Japan. We’ve got your first taste of the new tracks below.

Thursday, September 7 at The Bird is the date to put in the diary to catch the vinyl launch, playing with a new four-piece band for the first time that includes bassist Julianne Concepcion (Harm’s Way and Brown) and drummer Malcolm Clark (The Sleepy Jackson, End of Fashion et al). KOPANO and Last Quokka will be in support.

Fusing dirty post-rock lifts, psychedelic and shoegaze rhythms along with raw and honest vocals, Mainspring Insects and Tasty provoke exotic states of mind. With homemade vocal fx pedals hijacking Arduino teensy, Raspberry pi and an old Atari pong controller, Magnus explores sounds that suggest altered states while Aravena on guitar and Clark on drums, sharing over 17 years of successful music collaboration, meld and bounce effortlessly with each other, and Concepcion’s fat bass interlocks and weaves with grace.

Heading to Japan from September 18 to October 2 for a tour accompanied by cinematographer A.J Coultier (MathasStone Cold Sober music video and SBS’s Top Knot Detective), you’ll be able to follow the adventures of the band via Instagram and Twitter.

Mainspring Insects and Tasty are released Thursday, September 7. She Leaves The Mountain play The Bird the same night, supported by KOPANO and Last Quokka.

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