SHARBAT A sweet elixir of warm hospitality

The Third Culture Kids
presents Sharbat, a bittersweet examination of sibling relationships, the bonds of family and the power of forgiveness. Written by Doreshawar Khan, and directed by Michelle Aitken, Sharbat opens at The Blue Room Theatre this Thursday, October 24.

They say blood is thicker than water, but the Gül sisters think it’s more like diluted cordial. Shaz, Batty and Roo are three estranged sisters with little in common other than their Muslim heritage and general mistrust of one another. It’s been a while, but this year Eid is on Christmas Day. Double the holidays, double the family drama.

Shaz is a housewife-turned-influencer whose marriage suddenly feels less than #blessed. Batty, the youngest, is a med student with a love of punk music and a few skeletons in her closet. Anxiety-ridden middle child Roo is a new uni graduate haunted by old ghosts.

Sharbat by the Third Culture Kids opens at The Blue Room Theatre this Thursday, October 24. Click here for tickets.