SETS ON THE BEACH @ Port Beach gets 8.5/10

Sets on the Beach @ Port Beach
w/ Crooked Colours, Just a Gent, Set Mo, Carmouflage Rose, Elise Keddie
Saturday, March 24, 2017


Buoyed by thick beats and an electric atmosphere, Port Beach became the centre of gravity for Perth partygoers as Sets On The Beach’s end of summer party claimed a mental evening. From humble origins this institution has well and truly rejigged the concept of a sunset sesh, turning it into a mammoth chill styled, electro-tuned day. Punters sported thongs, boardies and bikinis before a picturesque sunset over the Indian Ocean, braving the rain and embracing barrels of thumping grooves.

Elise Keddie

Whether you were perched atop the viewing platform with 180-degree ocean views or raving down by the beachside silent disco there was an abundance of hidden surprises supplied by a bang on point venue. The bars were accessible and fast flowing – central in the venue the area acted as a passing point where people could easily find each other. Ushering in the groovers, Perth’s own Elise Keddie held the fort down at the Tiki Bar which was tucked right at the back of the venue where the grass turned to sand. Thongs in one hand, drink in the other, this was easily one of the loosest areas to kick back and get into the music.

Carmouflage Rose

Inflatable donuts and beach balls soared high above our heads at the main stage where the biggest and best DJ sets tore up the scene. Brisbane artist Carmouflage Rose was a heavy hitter early on with his electronic/hip hop infused signature banger Late Nights digging deep into the party vibes. The artist’s energy surged off the stage as the crowed began to swell larger and larger. With swagger and originality he held a stage presence that had to be one of the most singularly engaging aspects of Saturday. Carmouflage Rose is a fierce performer who brings a funk not to be fucked with.

Crooked Colours

Coated in sweat, rain and juicy beats, Crooked Colours took the night to new heights. Placed smack bang in the centre of the evening’s set list as the sun descended through the smoky blue sky, the boys could have tumbled out their tunes, simply satisfying the masses and done the job clean and tidy. Instead they engaged with more conversation than any act before them, prodding the hive to bring an even bigger buzz to the audience. When the drop finally hit on tracks like Flow, it hit hard with a buckling intensity. They were an absorbingly entertaining act that brought tunes to compliment the smooth vibes by the seaside.

Set Mo

Electronic duo Set Mo brought sexy disco with their latest hit single Nightmares swelling through the audience and rolling out beat after beat as the sky gave way to the rain. The atmosphere shifted with intensity as their music brought warmth and softness to the night. White Dress cooed out with smoothly building synth and piano and 2017 hit I Belong Here featuring Woodes had the crowed superbly interlocking and singing along.

Just A Gent

With a deflated floatie around my waist like a tutu, I watched the final two sets atop the party deck. From here, through the tree leaves aglow with purple light I could overlook the whole venue, over the ocean and beyond the main stage to the yellow light of the Fremantle Ports. The self taught electronic maestro Just A Gent peaked his performance with his hit track featuring LANKS, Heavy As A Heartbreak, and offered a rich blend of bass vibes and energetic synth. It was an intense set that at points felt like an assault of chaotic sounds, however the crowed seemed to be embracing the momentum thrown at them.

Just A Gent

Sets On The Beach’s final party of the season delivered above and beyond. Smacking back drinks by the seaside and embracing all things bass, this party was LOOSE.


Photos by Adrian Thomson