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The Silent Deeds
The Silent Deeds

The Western Trend Festival (WTF) happens on Saturday, March 14, at Canefire Gardens in the Swan Valley. The Silent Deeds are up for it.

The Western Trend Festival is a new start-up event for Perth live original music. Given the recent discussion re venues how important do you think this event could be?

WTF allows the opportunity for local bands like us be apart the outdoor festival experience. This event has the hallmark of continued success in Perth and we as a band are extremely excited to open the festival in 2015 (with coffee in hand).

Have you as a band had much in the way of outdoor/festival experiences?

Apart from Clayton (lead) serenading a lady friend outside her house on ukulele, WTF will be our first outdoor show. We’re pumped!

Describe the evolution of your band, how it was at the start and what it is and is becoming…

Corey (vox, rhythm) wrote some songs while procrastinating at uni. He then called upon his close friends Adam (bass), Tom (drums) and Clayton to help craft each songs into its current form. We are an Australian rock band and we play songs for the audience to sing and dance to. The band was formed in 2014 and we are now in negotiations with touring promoters to book our ‘Greatest Hits’ and first ‘Farewell’ tour later in the year.

What’s your game plan for the rest of the year?

Continue having fun, rocking and rolling/grohling around Perth and if we can sell out Wembley Stadium for our debut EP launch later this year, that would be an added bonus. See you all at WTF.


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