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SCALPHUNTER Video killed the men with square eyes

When local punks Scalphunter launch a video, anything is possible. Whether or not they’ll manage to get themselves banned from YouTube again for excessive violence is one thing, but either way we’re being assured it will be “the craziest fucking video you’ll see this year”.

After all, who else is mad enough to announce a launch show a week or so out? They’ll be hoping their buddies in Fuzz Toads, The Bob Gordons, Moonlighter and The Lows can wrangle a few friends down to the newly renovated Rosemount Hotel main room this Saturday, May 6 to launch Men With Square Eyes, so why not head down and show your support too?

Promising everything that 70s cop shows, X-Factor, The Bachelor, Play School and a consecutive WAM Award winning band wearing compromising outfits have in common (they all clash in hilarious, piss-taking ways, we’re told), the video was directed by Steve Browne.

Scalphunter launch the Men With Square Eyes video this Saturday, May 6 at the Rosemount Hotel with support from Fuzz Toads, The Bob Gordons, Moonlighter and The Lows. Tickets on the door.

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